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Being a surfer and living in North Wales is kind of frustrating. Occasionally we’ll get good waves, but most of the time is spent checking weather charts, bobbing around in small blown out waves, or driving around looking for them. Not anymore… Surf Snowdonia has landed!

This is the first Wavegarden surfing lagoon in the world, and at the time of opening the longest man-made wave. The 15 million pound facility produces 120 perfect waves every hour and attracts over 75,000 visitors a year. It has won countless awards, and has been quoted one of Lonely Planets top tourist destinations. We’re so proud to be part of this project and can’t quite believe it's happened so close to us, here in our little corner of Wales.

Over the last 5 years we’ve been working alongside the team at Surf Snowdonia to manage their creative direction including branding, photography, video, digital content and looking after all the marketing materials for events, and day to day promo of the facility.

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